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At Urata & Sons, concrete is our passion. We deliver the high-quality customized results you want for your project - on time and within budget.

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Urata & Sons Concrete has been helping Contractors and Owners build their projects for more than 40 years. Construction requires continuous improvements as technological advancements improve our systems, our management, our safety and our quality. No matter the scale or size of the project, Urata Concrete will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Featured Project

Stanford Energy Plant

Location: Stanford, CA
Contract Price: $14,800,000
Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Urata Concrete was contracted to do the complete concrete package on this new Central Energy Plant. Urata is working on an accelerated schedule performing the foundations for hot and cold water tanks, chiller pads, shot Crete walls and 42 foot architectural cast-in-place walls.

Why Choose Urata & Sons:

  1. Experience - Urata & Sons has been working in concrete for more than four decades. With two offices in Sacramento and Oakland, we’ve worked with a multitude of private and municipal clients on every type of project imaginable.
  2. Customization - Our company knows that every project is unique. That is why we work with you - through each stage of your request - to provide customized results that fit your exact needs.
  3. Wide Range of Work - At Urata & Sons, our capabilities are limited only by your imagination. We have the industry knowledge and skill to complete any number of civil or commercial projects, and we possess an impressive track record of successful builds. These include: schools, resorts, airports, condos, industrial parks, parking structures, and more.